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The NFL “Concussion” Settlement:
What Does it All Mean?

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Sponsored by the Arizona Chapter of the NFL Alumni Association,
The Player's Networking Event, & The Black Men's Brain Health Conference 

Tuesday, February 7th 2023
12:00 PM

Old Main, Basha Library, 
400 E Tyler Mall, Tempe, AZ


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Robert Stern, Ph.D. 
Director of Clinical Research, BU CTE Center
Boston University School of Medicine

Robert W. Turner II, Ph.D. 
The George Washington University
School of Medicine & Health Sciences  

Presentation Outline

1. Introductions 

      a. Robert Turner

      b. Bob Stern

2. What do All the Words Really Mean?

      a. Concussion, Traumatic Brain Injury, Subconcussion, Dementia, CTE,

          Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Neurocognitive impairment 

3. NFL “Concussion” Settlement 

      a. Who gets compensation?

      b. “Race Norming”

      c. Myths and Reality

4. Reason for Hope from Research: Why should I get involved? 

      a. Why Should I Trust Researchers?

      b. What is research?

            i. Types of Studies

            ii. Where is the research getting funding from?

      c. Confidentiality

      d. What’s in it for me?

      e. We want to help….

5. What do I do Now? 

      a. Healthy lifestyle (diet, exercise, sleep, social and intellectual activities)

      b. Go to the doctor (but, hopefully someone who understands)

      c. Should I get a Settlement Examination?

      d. Resources

            i. Greater Arizona Alzheimer’s Association (Edie Yau, Carl V. Hill, PhD,  Theresa Spitz)

          ii. Banner Alzheimer's Institute (Eric M. Reiman, M.D.)

      e. Don’t forget the spouse/significant other, kids, family, friends

      f. Caregivers (support groups)

      g. HOPE!

6. We are here for you! 

7. Questions and Answers 

Followed by Individual discussions and Alzheimer’s Association Table, etc.


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